Growth Group Questions

Growth Group Questions
September 25, 2022
Getting to Know YouI experience happiness the most when ____________________?  (On vacation, with family, eating out, at church, taking communion, etc)
Sermon Summary:
Text – 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24
Title – Is it possible to be Holy and Happy?
Premise:  It has often been preached that happiness and holiness are a bit at odds.  Being a lover of Jesus certainly means that we place obedience, faithfulness, service above happiness.  It can become a badge of honor if we say we are doing God’s will even if we hate what we are doing.  But, what if being holy is the way TO happiness?  Could it be that happiness is not ultimately found outside of holiness?
  1. What do you think of when you read the word “sanctification” in the text? How would you define it?
  1. The Lord intends to sanctify our lives – through and through. What are some areas in which you sense the Lord at work?  In what ways do we cooperate with the work that He is doing?
  1. How can holiness and happiness go together? Do they? 
  1. Paul lived with the anticipation of the return of the Lord. It is both a welcomed and traumatic event.  Being blameless when He comes is a way of expressing the state we must be in when we face Christ.  How can we be blameless?
  1. What is the assurance Paul offers in verse 24? How does that assurance encourage you today?