Growth Group Questions


Growth Group Questions

Sermon Text: 2 Corinthians 5:1-10

Sermon Title: Death and Camping

Sermon Summary: Christians need to talk and think about death. It is the inevitable outcome of our life – unless Jesus comes. We need a biblical theology of death. In the sermon, I hope to stimulate thinking and conversation about this important topic. The Bible has a lot to say about death! What does it mean to live well and die well.

Getting to Know You: Have you ever knowingly had a brush with death? If so, what was it and what was the result of that experience?

1. Why are we reluctant to talk about death? What are ways you see us avoiding death as a topic of conversation (or thinking?)

2. What difference should it make to us to know that our death is inevitable?

3. What are ways that we can prepare for death? How can being part of a church community help you with the thought of your own death?

4. Do you fear death? What promises from the scripture would you use to balance that fear?

5. What does it mean to say that “death is not a destination”?

6. Have you thought about the differences between cremation and traditional burial? Have you discussed your thoughts with your family?

7. What is the purpose of a funeral?